According to, tip can be defined as “a small present of money given directly to someone for performing a service or menial task; gratuity” Example: He gave the waiter a dollar as a tip.

Tips are common place in restaurants, but should you tip your computer technician?

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Our answer is it’s completely up to you.

We have had customers from both sides of the fence. We have customers that ask to leave a tip. We have customers who tell us they don’t want to leave a tip. When you come in the store and pay by card, there is an option on your receipt to leave a tip. It’s only there because it has been requested by some customers.

We do not expect tips nor will we ask for them. We certainly do appreciate a tip if you feel you lead to give one. It’s completely up to you.

Our technicians try to provide the highest level of service they can. In edition to fixing whatever computer trouble you may have, our technicians can help you with any additional questions you have or explain anything done during the repair process you may not understand. Often times, our technicians and staff will solve easy problems or help you get your device working while you are in the office at no charge.

As part of the service industry, our technicians and staff enjoy helping our customers. We hope to be able to fix any technology problems you have or offer the best and most affordable alternatives if we cannot.

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